Where are the Weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist

Where are the Weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist in Pin Up Casino is one of the most thrilling and challenging missions in Grand Theft Auto V. In order to successfully complete this heist, players must strategically locate the weapons hidden within the casino. These weapons are crucial for defending against the casino's security guards and completing the mission.

One of the weapon locations in the Diamond Casino Heist is the security room. This room is heavily guarded and is usually located on one of the lower floors of the casino. Players must carefully navigate through the maze of casino security to reach the security room, where they can find various firearms and ammunition to help them in their mission.

Another weapon location in the Diamond Casino Heist is the vault area. The vault is where the protagonist must reach in order to steal the valuable diamonds. Along the way, players can find hidden weapons and tools that can be used to eliminate any security guards that may stand in their way. These weapons can range from pistols and shotguns to heavy machine guns, providing players with a variety of options for combat.

Additionally, players can also find weapons in various storage rooms and offices throughout the casino. These rooms may contain weapons such as assault rifles and sniper rifles, which can be extremely useful for taking out enemies from a distance.

Overall, locating the weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Players must navigate through the casino's intricate layout, avoid security cameras and guards, and make use of the weapons they find along the way in order to successfully complete the heist. Will you be able to uncover all the hidden weapons and complete the mission?

What is the Diamond Casino Heist?

The Diamond Casino Heist is a major event in the Grand Theft Auto V, an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games. It is a complex and exciting mission where players team up to rob the Diamond Casino & Resort located in Los Santos.

In this heist, players are required to plan, prepare, and execute the heist in order to steal valuable items, including weapons, from the casino vault. The heist can be completed in a variety of ways, allowing players to choose their own approach and strategy.

One of the key features of the Diamond Casino Heist is the ability to choose different entry points and approaches, such as stealth, aggressive, or smart. Each approach offers its own unique challenges and rewards, encouraging players to try different strategies and playstyles.

The heist is made even more challenging by the presence of several security measures and guards throughout the casino. Players must use their skills, teamwork, and a variety of tools and weapons to overcome these obstacles and successfully complete the heist.

Additionally, players can acquire valuable weapons during the heist, which can be used in future missions and activities in the game. These weapons can be found in different locations within the Diamond Casino & Resort, and players must navigate through the casino's various areas to locate and secure them.


The Diamond Casino Heist in Grand Theft Auto V offers players an immersive and thrilling experience as they plan and execute a high-stakes robbery at the Diamond Casino & Resort. With its multiple approaches, challenging gameplay, and the opportunity to acquire valuable weapons, the heist is a must-play for fans of the game.

Why do you need to know the locations of the weapons?

When planning the Diamond Casino Heist in Pin Up Casino, knowing the locations of the weapons is crucial for a successful operation. The weapons are scattered throughout the casino, and having this knowledge gives you a significant advantage during the heist.

1. Strategic planning

Knowing the locations of the weapons allows you to strategically plan your approach to the heist. It helps you determine the most efficient route to collect the weapons and eliminates the risk of stumbling upon armed guards without being prepared. With this information, you can create a detailed plan, minimizing the chances of getting caught and maximizing your chances of success.

2. Firepower advantage

The weapons you find in the casino can provide you with a significant firepower advantage over the casino security and guards. Knowing their locations allows you to obtain these weapons efficiently and be fully armed during the heist. This can give you a better chance of overpowering any resistance and reaching your objectives without alerting the entire casino.

In conclusion, knowing the locations of the weapons is essential for a successful Diamond Casino Heist. It helps with strategic planning and provides you with a firepower advantage, significantly improving your chances of pulling off the heist smoothly.


In the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online, players have the opportunity to locate weapons hidden in various locations. These weapons can help to ensure a successful heist and provide players with an advantage over their opponents. Here are some of the key locations where weapons can be found:

Ammu-NationVisit Ammu-Nation stores to purchase weapons and ammunition, including heavy weapons and explosives.
Black MarketThe Black Market is a secret location where players can purchase illegal weapons and equipment for their heist.
Gang HideoutsSome gang hideouts are known to store weapons. Players can raid these hideouts to steal weapons for their own use.
Supply DropsOccasionally, supply drops will contain weapons that players can collect. These drops are marked on the map and can be found in various locations.
SecuroServ WarehouseThe SecuroServ Warehouse is a secure location where players can store and access weapons and other equipment for their heist.
Pin Up CasinoPlayers can visit Pin Up Casino, a popular gambling website, to bet on sports matches and win cash rewards. They can then use these winnings to purchase weapons for their heist.

By exploring these locations and collecting weapons, players can increase their chances of success in the Diamond Casino Heist. It is important to plan and strategize before the heist, ensuring that the right weapons are acquired and utilized effectively.

Inside the Casino

Once you successfully infiltrate the Diamond Casino, you will need to navigate through its various areas to locate the weapons hidden inside. Keep in mind that security will be tight inside the casino, so be cautious and try to blend in with the crowd.

Security Room

The Security Room should be your first destination inside the casino. This is where the surveillance cameras are monitored, and disabling them will greatly reduce the risk of being detected. Look for a door with a security keypad to access the room.

Staff Area

After you secure the Security Room, head towards the Staff Area. This is where the casino employees take their breaks and store their personal belongings. Keep an eye out for lockers and cabinets that may contain valuable information or keycards to access restricted areas.

VaultThis is the main objective of the heist. Inside the vault, you will find the most valuable weapons and treasures. However, gaining access to the vault will require a series of keycards.
Manager's OfficeThe Manager's Office is usually located near the vault and contains important documents and files. It may also have a safe or a hidden compartment where you can find additional weapons or access codes.
Luxury SuitesIf you're lucky, you might come across some high-profile guests occupying the luxury suites. These suites often have their own security measures, so be prepared for extra challenges.

Remember, navigating through the casino requires careful planning and attention to detail. Make sure to communicate with your team and gather as much information as possible before attempting the heist. Good luck!

In the Nearby Police Station

Another possible location for the weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist is the nearby police station. This is a high-risk option, but it can provide a high reward if you manage to successfully steal the weapons.

The police station is heavily guarded, so you'll need to be prepared for a lot of resistance. Make sure to have a well-equipped team with you and use stealth to your advantage. Sneak your way into the station and locate the armory where the weapons are stored.

Once you've found the armory, you'll need to disable security systems and unlock any safes to access the weapons. This will require hacking skills and coordination with your team members. Expect a tough fight when you finally get your hands on the weapons, as the police will be alerted to your presence and will do everything they can to stop you.

However, if you manage to defeat the police and escape with the weapons, you'll have a valuable asset for your heist. The weapons can help you overpower the security guards at the Diamond Casino and increase your chances of a successful robbery.

Keep in mind that attempting to steal weapons from a police station is a risky move. Make sure you have a solid plan and the necessary skills and equipment before attempting this option.

In the Underground Sewers

Location: Underground Sewers

One of the possible locations where you can find weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist is in the Underground Sewers. This underground network of tunnels has become a hiding place for various illegal activities, including weapon caches.

These weapons are guarded by well-trained security personnel, so be prepared for a tough fight if you choose this location. The Underground Sewers are dark and labyrinthine, making it easy to get lost. It is advised to come prepared with a map or a GPS device to navigate your way through.

The Underground Sewers offer unique advantages for those who are willing to take the risk. The hidden nature of this location makes it less likely to be detected by the authorities, increasing the chances of a successful heist.

Please note: Accessing the Underground Sewers requires careful planning and coordination with your crew. Make sure that you have the necessary equipment and skills to handle any obstacles that may arise.

Location: Underground Sewers

While Pin Up Casino is a popular betting platform, it has no direct connection to the Underground Sewers location or the Diamond Casino Heist.


When planning your heist in the Diamond Casino, it's important to come up with effective strategies to locate the weapons. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Gather Intel

Prior to starting the heist, make sure to gather as much intel as possible. This can include completing the Casino Scoping mission and collecting all the available vault blueprints. The more information you have, the easier it will be to plan your approach and find the weapons.

2. Use the Security Cameras

The most crucial tool in finding the weapons is the security camera system. Make sure to use it to your advantage by monitoring the different areas of the casino. Look for any suspicious activity that might lead you to the weapons' locations.

3. Communication is Key

Coordinate with your crew members and make sure to communicate effectively. Assign roles to each member so that everyone knows their responsibilities. This way, you can cover more ground and increase your chances of finding the weapons.

4. Utilize the Pin Up Casino Sensors

Pin Up Casino sensors can be placed around the casino to help you locate the weapons. These sensors will give you a general area where the weapons might be located. Use them strategically to narrow down your search and find the exact locations of the weapons.

5. Be Stealthy

When searching for the weapons, it's important to remain undetected. Avoid attracting the attention of security guards and other personnel. Sneak around the casino, use cover, and take advantage of disguises or other tools that can help you remain unnoticed.

Scout the CasinoBefore starting the heist, take some time to explore the casino and familiarize yourself with the layout. This will help you navigate the premises more efficiently.
Divide and ConquerSplit your crew into smaller groups and assign them specific areas to search. This will allow you to cover more ground simultaneously.
Follow the TrailsLook for any clues or marks that might lead you to the weapons. Pay attention to any trails, footprints, or other signs that could indicate the weapons' locations.
Interact with NPCsTalk to non-playable characters (NPCs) in the casino. They might provide valuable information or hints about the weapons' whereabouts.


What weapons are available in the Diamond Casino Heist?

The weapons available in the Diamond Casino Heist include assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and pistols.

Where can I find the assault rifles?

The assault rifles can be found in the small office near the entrance of the casino.

Are there any submachine guns in the heist?

Yes, there are submachine guns located in the security office on the second floor of the casino.

Which room should I search for shotguns?

The shotguns can be found in the staff area kitchen on the ground floor of the casino.

Can I find any pistols during the heist?

Yes, there are pistols located in the security room on the first floor of the casino.

Where can I find weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist?

There are several locations where you can find weapons in the Diamond Casino Heist. Some of the common spots include the security room, the vault, and the various staff areas. It's important to note that the weapons are randomly placed, so you may need to do some searching to find them.

Are there any weapons in the staff areas?

Yes, there are weapons hidden in the staff areas during the Diamond Casino Heist. These areas include the kitchen, laundry room, and the locker room. Make sure to thoroughly search these areas to find any weapons that may be useful during the heist.

Can I find weapons in the vault?

Yes, there is a chance to find weapons in the vault during the Diamond Casino Heist. However, it's important to note that the vault is heavily guarded and accessing it can be quite challenging. If you're able to successfully open the vault, keep an eye out for any hidden weapons that can help you during the heist.

Are there any hidden weapons in the security room?

Yes, there is a possibility of finding hidden weapons in the security room during the Diamond Casino Heist. This room is one of the main areas where the guards monitor the casino, so it's worth searching thoroughly for any weapons that may be hidden there. Just be cautious of any cameras or guards that may be in the area.