Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Vault Contents in Casino Heists

Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Vault Contents in Casino Heists

Are you an avid player of the popular online game, Grand Theft Auto 5? Have you ever felt the thrill of participating in a casino heist and walking away with a huge stash of cash? If so, you know that one of the most crucial elements of a successful heist is identifying and changing the vault contents. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of changing the vault contents in the casino heist mission.

First and foremost, it's important to note that this guide is intended for players who are using the Pin Up Casino online platform. Before you can change the vault contents, you need to have completed the necessary setup missions and have access to the planning board in the Arcade basement. Once you have met these requirements, you are ready to begin the process.

The first step is to enter your Arcade basement and approach the planning board. The planning board is where you can view and manage all aspects of your casino heist mission. On the board, you will see a list of options for your heist, including the vault contents. This is where you will make the necessary changes.

To change the vault contents, select the "Vault Content" option on the planning board. A new screen will appear, displaying a list of available options for the vault contents. This is where you can choose which item will be stored in the vault during the heist. It's important to note that the payout and difficulty of the heist may vary depending on the item you choose.

Once you have selected the desired vault contents, confirm your selection by pressing the appropriate button. The planning board will update to reflect your choice, and you will be one step closer to a successful heist. Remember, careful consideration and strategic planning of the vault contents can greatly increase your chances of a successful and lucrative casino heist in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Changing the vault contents in the casino heist mission is a crucial step in your preparation. By following this step-by-step guide, you'll be well-equipped to plan the perfect heist and walk away with a substantial payout. Good luck!

Acquiring the Casino Heist Setup

Before you can change the vault contents in the Casino Heist, you'll need to complete the setup missions. These missions are essential for gathering the necessary equipment and information to execute the heist successfully. Here's a step-by-step guide on acquiring the Casino Heist setup:

Step 1: Start the Casino Heist

Visit the planning board in your arcade and start the Casino Heist. Choose the approach you want to take - Aggressive, Silent & Sneaky, or Big Con. This will determine the overall strategy and objectives for the heist.

Step 2: Complete the Required Missions

Once you've started the heist, you'll need to complete a series of missions to acquire the necessary equipment and gather information about the casino. These missions may include:

  • Scoping Out: This mission involves infiltrating the casino and taking photos of specific areas to identify points of interest.
  • Security Intel: You'll need to hack into security systems or steal information from the casino's staff to gather intel on security measures.
  • Getaway Vehicles: You'll need to find and acquire suitable getaway vehicles for the heist.
  • Weapons and Equipment: This mission requires you to obtain weapons and equipment needed for the heist, such as drills and hacking devices.

Completing these missions successfully will give you the necessary tools and information to carry out the heist smoothly.

Step 3: Prepare for the Heist

Once you've acquired all the required equipment and information, it's time to prepare for the heist. This involves choosing the members of your crew, setting up heist outfits, and planning your escape route.

Make sure to assign appropriate roles to your crew members based on their skills and abilities. For example, if you're going for a stealthy approach, you'll need a hacker who can bypass security systems effectively.

Additionally, you can select disguises or outfits that will help you blend in with the casino's staff or guests during the heist. This will make it easier to move around undetected.

Lastly, plan your escape route carefully. Consider alternate routes, potential obstacles, and potential exit points to ensure a successful getaway.

Once you've completed these steps, you'll be ready to initiate the Casino Heist and change the vault contents in Pin Up Casino!

Choosing the Target Vault Contents

In the Casino Heist setup mission, "Vault Contents", players are given the opportunity to choose the target vault contents for the actual heist. This decision will have a significant impact on the difficulty and potential payout of the heist. Here are some steps to consider when choosing the target vault contents:

  1. Access the planning board in your Arcade to start the "Vault Contents" setup mission.
  2. Once inside the planning board, select the "Vault Contents" setup mission and launch it.
  3. During the setup mission, you will be tasked with locating a target vault keycard. This card will grant you access to the vault and allow you to see the contents.
  4. After obtaining the target vault keycard, head down to the casino vault area and use it to open the vault door.
  5. Inside the vault, you will have a limited amount of time to scope out the contents and decide which ones you want to steal.
  6. There are three main categories of vault contents: Cash, Artwork, and Gold. Each has its own pros and cons.
  7. Cash is the easiest to steal but has the lowest potential payout.
  8. Artwork is more difficult to steal but has a moderate potential payout.
  9. Gold is the most difficult to steal but has the highest potential payout.
  10. Consider your team's skill level and the amount of time you have to complete the heist when choosing the target vault contents.
  11. It's also worth noting that the vault contents are randomly generated, so the specific items available may vary each time you do the heist.

Once you have made your decision, exit the vault and complete the setup mission. The chosen target vault content will be used in the actual heist, so choose wisely and plan accordingly. Good luck!

Gathering the Required Equipment

Before attempting to change the contents of the vault in the Casino Heist, you will need to gather the necessary equipment. This includes:

1. Casino Heist Prep Mission

In order to access the vault, you will need to complete the Casino Heist prep mission. This mission will give you the necessary information and tools to successfully infiltrate the casino and access the vault.

2. Hacking Device

The hacking device is an essential tool for changing the vault contents. You will need to acquire this device during the Casino Heist prep mission. The hacking device allows you to bypass the security systems of the vault and gain access to its contents.

3. Thermal Charges

Thermal charges are another important tool for changing the vault contents. These charges can be used to open certain doors and safes within the casino, allowing you to access different areas and find the loot you are looking for.

4. Exit Disguise

Having an exit disguise is crucial for a successful vault content change. This disguise will help you to avoid detection from security guards and cameras as you make your way out of the casino after changing the vault contents. Choose a suitable disguise that matches the exit route you have planned.

Once you have gathered all the required equipment, you will be ready to proceed with changing the vault contents in the Casino Heist. Make sure to plan your approach carefully and coordinate with your team to maximize your chances of success.

Executing the Vault Contents Change

After successfully completing the prep missions and the keycard setup, you can proceed to execute the vault contents change in the Casino Heist.

To start the process, head to your arcade basement and enter the planning room. Interact with the planning board and select "Casino Heist". From there, choose the "Vault Contents" mission.

Once inside the mission, you will see several bundles of cash, gold, artwork, or diamonds. Your goal is to identify the most valuable target and select it as the new vault content. Keep in mind that the value of the loot will determine the difficulty and potential payout of the heist.

Use the "Scope Out" mission to gather information about each target. This mission requires a heist member to take pictures or video footage of the security cameras within the casino. The images will then be analyzed to determine the potential value of the loot.

Note that the most valuable target might not always be the same. The game's algorithm randomly generates the loot, so be prepared to adapt your strategy accordingly. Make sure to communicate with your heist crew and discuss the best course of action based on the information gathered.

Once you have decided on the most valuable target, return to the planning board and update the vault contents. This will ensure that the new target is set and ready for the actual heist. It is crucial to plan efficiently and choose wisely to maximize your chances of a successful and lucrative heist in Pin Up Casino.

Dealing with Security Measures

When attempting to change the vault contents in the Casino Heist of GTA Online, players will encounter a series of security measures that they need to overcome. The success of the heist depends on the ability to navigate and bypass these measures effectively.

Scope Out the Casino

Before attempting the heist, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible by scoping out the casino. This will help players identify various security measures, such as cameras, guards, keypad locations, and fingerprint scanners.

Entry Disguise

Choosing the right entry disguise is crucial to avoid drawing unnecessary attention during the heist. The disguise will determine the level of access players have and how easily they can move through the casino without arousing suspicion.

  • The Maintenance Crew disguise allows players to access restricted areas by pretending to be part of the cleaning staff.
  • The Gruppe Sechs disguise provides a uniform similar to that of the casino security, allowing players to move around without raising suspicion.

Hacking the Keypads

During the heist, players may encounter keypad doors that require a code to unlock. To bypass these doors, players need to hack the keypads using an electronic device. The hacking minigame requires players to solve a series of puzzles within a time limit to successfully unlock the door.

Fingerprint Scanners

Some parts of the vault require a fingerprint scan to gain access. Players must stealthily eliminate a guard to obtain their fingerprint and use it to bypass the scanner. Careful planning and execution are necessary to avoid detection and potential alarms.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are scattered throughout the casino and can raise the alarm if players are detected. Use the security feed in the heist planning room to identify their locations and take them out using a suppressed weapon or hack them, if possible.

Dealing with these security measures effectively is essential for a successful vault content change in the Casino Heist. Pay close attention to details, plan ahead, and execute the heist meticulously to maximize the chances of success and to ensure a lucrative payout from the Pin Up Casino.


What is the purpose of changing the vault contents in the casino heist?

The purpose of changing the vault contents in the casino heist is to increase the potential payout. Each heist has a different value for each vault content, so by changing the contents to a higher value item, you can potentially earn more money from the heist.

How can I change the vault contents in the casino heist?

To change the vault contents in the casino heist, you will need to scope out the vault during the setup mission. Once inside the casino, use the security cameras to locate the vault door and then hack into the security system. This will allow you to see what items are inside the vault. If you are not happy with the contents, you can cancel the heist and start over to try again.

Can I change the vault contents after starting the heist?

No, once you have started the casino heist, you cannot change the vault contents. Therefore, it's important to carefully scope out the vault during the setup mission and make sure you are happy with the contents before proceeding with the heist.

How often can I change the vault contents in the casino heist?

You can change the vault contents in the casino heist as many times as you want during the setup mission. However, once you have started the heist, you cannot change the contents, so it's important to make sure you are satisfied with what you have scoped out before proceeding.

Are there any consequences for changing the vault contents in the casino heist?

No, there are no consequences for changing the vault contents in the casino heist. It is a normal part of the setup mission and is designed to give players more control over their potential payout. However, keep in mind that changing the contents may require additional scoping out of the vault, which can take extra time.